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What is StarkFresh?

StarkFresh is many things...

a collaborator, facilitator, mediator and most importantly a leader in the growing local food scene in Stark County. From humble beginnings to robust aspirations, StarkFresh continues to innovate and educate ways to help break this systematic cycle of poverty through equal food access. Read more about StarkFresh.

Our Mission

To help break the cycle of poverty by increasing people’s consumption of fresh, locally-sourced, nutrient-dense, healthy and affordable foods through equal food access and educational opportunities for everyone.

We get asked all the time. Other than having a snazzy name, what are we all about? It’s good to go back to the beginning and understand where StarkFresh started from in order to see where we are headed in the future. Step in and join us for a short trip back in time…


Our Volunteers

At StarkFresh, one thing is certain. We could not accomplish all that we do without the hard work and dedication of our many volunteers. This page is dedicated to our beloved volunteers who have become family.  If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a StarkFresh volunteer, click here, fill out our form and we’ll get back with you!

Our Supporters

StarkFresh would not exist without the trust and faith in our mission through the financial support of numerous funders or the generosity and spirit of the volunteers who are unwaivered in the time that they contribute to us and the cherished collaborations with other groups and businesses. Without all of these things, StarkFresh would not be where it is today.

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