What is StarkFresh?

We get asked this all the time. Other than having a snazzy name, what are we all about?

StarkFresh is many things...

StarkFresh is many things… a collaborator, a facilitator, a mediator and most importantly a leader in the growing local food scene in Stark County, OH.

From humble beginnings and continuous aspirations, StarkFresh continues to innovate and educate ways to combat systematic poverty and provide equitable food access throughout Stark County. 

StarkFresh Programs

At StarkFresh, it really is all about how we serve our community.  See how we do that with our programming

Finding Food


Wondering where all of our Veggie Mobile stops are located? Looking to pick up free seed packets? Looking for a nearby community garden? Use our interactive map to find the things you need!


Use the calendar to find upcoming events. We include all community events related to food. Want to add an event to our calendar? Get in touch!

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