Hello all!  Today’s the start of a brave day here on the StarkFresh website and we welcome you to join us on this journey.  Yes you were called a StarkFreshian.  If you are unsure why, find out here.

This is our first blog post EVER.

We hope to make our blog a space where you can learn interesting tidbits of information, see some things we are up to and be kept up to date on exciting events and programs of ours.

We encourage you to subscribe to this blog so you can get notified whenever we post something.  The thought is to be able to write something at least twice a week, by different StarkFresh staff, volunteers and collaborating partners.

I’ll make this first initial post short and sweet and encourage you all to also subscribe to our newsletter.  We are shifting away from focusing on Facebook and instead directing that focus to our website and this blog.  The newsletter will serve as a good reminder of not only the upcoming events we have planned, but also to catch you up to speed on our blog postings.  The newsletter is published 17 times per year, either monthly or bi-weekly depending on the month.  To subscribe to our newsletter, slide on over to the main page and fill in your email address into the form at the bottom of the page.  It’s that simple!

That’s it, short and sweet as promised.  See you next time!

-The StarkFresh Team