Tomorrow is National Plant a Flower Day.  Did you know that we encourage people to plant flowers alongside their vegetable beds to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects?

Every vegetable garden has pests and before you go and spray some chemical from a big bos store on your garden, why not try to plant some flowers that deter pests instead?  Here’s a list of a few beneficial plants to plant this year.

Were you aware that StarkFresh coordinates a county-wide Seed Library program?  This year we have 10 locations where we are giving away seed packets for free to community members to grow their own food.  Along with the vegetable seed packets, there are also flower seeds available as well.  You can find all of our locations here.

When you are done planting, you can do what we do when we have some spare time at the office and play a game of “Go Seed” with the empty seed packets.  Here’s a video of us playing that we made for “Have Fun at Work Day” earlier this year.