When we knew a year ago that we would be moving into a new building there was little discussion as to what it would be called. Calling our new home the FOOD JUSTICE CAMPUS seemed just right.

For many, the term Food Justice is an uncomfortable one, or perhaps signifies something that is unknown which tends to be a bit scary. Like many terms, Food Justice has different meanings to different groups of people, here’s how we interpret it here at StarkFresh.

Food Justice is Social Justice, with the demanding recognition of human rights, equal opportunity, and fair treatment.
Food Justice is a response to food insecurity and economic pressures that prevent access to healthy, nutritious, and culturally appropriate foods.
The Food System is a racial project and problematizes the influence of race and class on the production, distribution, and consumption of food.
Access to good food is both a cause and a symptom of the structural inequalities that divide society.

Food Justice is mired in generations of problematic systems and policies that have been enforced.  Using this Campus we seek to recognize those past mistakes and use that recognition to lead the way towards a future of healing and change throughout Stark County, Ohio.

In addition to housing StarkFresh headquarters, The Food Justice Campus houses many groups and programs that are working together to create realistic pathways out of poverty. I encourage you to spend some time on our website and find out more about each of these programs, or drop us a line to set up a visit!

StarkFresh Grocery Store

Food Incubation Center

Affordable Shared Office Space

Affordable Shared Commercial Kitchen Space

StarkFresh Mobile Grocery Market

Cookware Recovery

StarkFresh Seed Library