StarkFresh today is run by two uber-passionate employees: 

Tom Phillips and Teresa Kaminski

StarkFresh staff Tom Phillips and Teresa Kaminski

Along with our Board of Directors and loads of community supporters and volunteers, (we call them StarkFreshians) we make an incredible impact in the food security of those in our community. 

We currently have four core programs that we deliver to our community that address these initial challenged that we had identified all those years ago.  

Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips

Executive Director

Otherwise known as “Farmer Tom” when he’s at one of our farm sites working, Tom comes from an executive background in the for-profit workplace.  Since coming to StarkFresh as an AmeriCorps VISTA in 2014, his drive to push the status quo and not take a “NO” as an answer has allowed StarkFresh to lead local food insecurity efforts.  Tom is a father to five children and spends his spare time going on adventures with his fiancé, yard farming, playing board games and doing research on subjects he is passionate about.  He lives in Canton, OH on his urban homestead.

Teresa Kaminski

Teresa Kaminski

Program Director

A self-proclaimed “Hippy Dippy”, Teresa came to StarkFresh from a 20 year stint in the medical field.  This microbiologist came to StarkFresh in 2015 with the drive to provide REAL medicine through healthy food consumption and is very much the needed Ying to Tom’s Yang.  She handles all of the awesome programming that StarkFresh does and in her spare time, this wife and mother of two can be found hiking, zip lining or chilling outside her homestead in Canton, OH, watching her chickens at play.