Our Story

It might make sense to first explain that our non-profit agency has been around in various community development roles in northeast Canton, Ohio, since 1983 but we didn’t really start using the name StarkFresh until 2012.  What changed in 2012? OUR STORY


Being a community-based development corporation, for us, it’s all about the team.  Come along and see who helps us do all of this amazing work. TEAM


StarkFresh would not exist without support of others and their trust and faith in our mission.  This support has come in many forms. Their financial support,  generosity and spirit allow us to continue to make meaningful impact with the good that we do.  

The impact of their unwavering contributions of money and time and the cherished collaborations they have helped us forge are truly a blessing. Without this support, StarkFresh would not be making the impact that it currently does throughout Stark County.  We take the time now to thank you for all that you do. SUPPORTERS

Social Media

There are many ways to connect with StarkFresh, we post regularly on social media and hope you will visit to see what we are up to! SOCIAL MEDIA

Contact Us

If you need to get in touch with us, email is the most effective way.  We’ve created a handy form to help you do that! CONTACT US