Where to Start?

Where to Start?

A question we are constantly asked is what the steps are to starting a community garden. The second question we are asked is if we can do it for them. We love the fact that so many people are passionate about growing their own food but there are a series of steps that should be taken before considering a new community garden space.

where to start community garden

Here’s the recipe for a good community garden space:

Determine if there is a need for one. Many times we find that an individual decides that what their church/agency/school, etc needs are a garden to have fresh produce available to them. Questions need to be asked and answered such as, Would a garden be the most effective way to do this? Would having a Veggie Mobile stop or on-Demand CSA drop be a better way to solve this need?

Is there already someone who has a community garden space nearby that you can collaborate, partner with and share? Fortunately for you, we have an easy way for you to find that out on our map.

Is there enough support to be able to sustain this project? Many times we find there is a singular person who is driving the garden project. What happens if that person leaves? Disengages?

Is the site suitable? Is there enough sun? Protection from animals that have the munchies? Water access? Is the soil dangerously contaminated?

We have found a few resources online that help you answer all the above questions and guide you completely through the process.