Community Supported Composting

Located right in the heart of the Warehouse District in Canton, Ohio is the Food Justice Campus.

It is home to several food businesses, a future grocery store, some indoor urban farms, a shared kitchen, community room and shared office spaces. It is also home to StarkFresh’s headquarters and where our Community Supported Composting program starts.

If you are reading this we’re sure you are aware of how much food is wasted in the United States annually and how the majority of that food ends up in the local landfill. We’ve been asked for years about assisting in a solution to this.

We are happy to announce that several pieces of the puzzle are now in place to offer this program to the general public.

We offer a few food waste and paper options for the residential consumer. Waste is collected at our Food Justice Campus and then brought to feed the worms at Worm Hill Farm, located within StarkFresh’s Cooperative Farm where those scraps are turned into Compost to use right there at the farm.

This composting program is designed to be a turn-key operation designed to eliminate all barriers to getting started in the food agriculture business, specifically in residential composting and food waste diversion. Tied together with our Food Entrepreneurial Business Program, this program is a real-world pathway out of poverty for someone who is looking to change their life and work hard. Utilizing the “tipping fees” from compost collection as well as sales of worms and their compost byproduct creates a good baseline customer base that can be expanded upon.

Using office space at the Food Justice Campus to market, grow and Worm Hill Farm to transform food waste into nutrient-dense compost are key components to this program.

The goal is to eventually turn over ownership to the individual being trained in this business through a process similar to a “rent-to-own”, but without all the exorbitant fees that are typically associated with such programs. This process allows an individual, who is underemployed, unemployed or “unemployable” to start accumulating personal wealth.

  • REDUCE your Food Waste
  • HELP others get out of poverty
  • CREATE compost to grow vegetables used to feed those in hunger

Two Options

$32/monthly or $352/annually (1 month free!)

• We provide food waste collection bins
• 24/7 waste convenient drop off at our Food Justice Campus
• Discounted compost made from your food scraps available throughout the year
• Accepting food scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, napkins and paper towels (see best practices below)
• Paper drop off also available at no additional cost
• Accepting newspaper, junk mail, other paper, books
• Accepting limited seasonal bagged leaves

Best Practices

• Allow “wet” compostables (coffee grounds, tea bags) to dry out
in the open air before putting them in your collection bin
• Keep meat, and already spoiled food in your freezer until the
day you drop off the bin (NO seafood, oils/fats, dairy)

To sign up for monthly, recurring service click here
To sign up for a one-time, yearly service, click here

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