Cookware & Garden Tools Collection

Another somewhat unique pathway we have is our collection and redistribution of gently used pots, pans, cookware and garden tools. This is another “Why Not” program of ours. We already have sites that we are going where people need access to cookware along with their food, so we thought we’d start collecting things that people were disposing of and repurpose them to those who could better use them. We accept gently used pots, pans, silverware, knives and other utensils and even bowls, bakeware and some small appliances that we clean, organize and then redistribute out to our community’s various cooking and nutrition classes.

Many people are surprised to learn that someone who is living in a poverty situation may have only a few cooking vessels to prepare food in, if they have any at all. This becomes another barrier to someone who may want to cook food from scratch if they don’t have the cookware or tools to prepare food.

In addition to gently used cookware, we also collect gently used gardening tools, supplies and small
battery-powered and motorized equipment that our volunteers can use on our farm sites to help grow fresh, nutrient-dense and healthy food for our community.

Excess tools are put into our free community garden tool lending program. Tools are also available for use by farmers at our Cooperative and Training Farms, reducing yet another financial burden for them to be able to start generating some personal wealth of their own.

Click to print a copy of a one page summary of the StarkFresh Cookware and Garden Tools Collection