Cooperative Farm

Our most ambitious farm yet, after creating a teaching and training farm, we realized that there was still something missing from our programming.

In 2018 and 2019, with the help of many volunteers and 1000’s of hours of work we opened up our Cooperative Farm which is located at 2643 19th St NE in Canton, Ohio 44705.

Formally a large, underutilized park space. A segment of the park is being transformed into a dynamic, space where community members are able to use the land to grow food for themselves, their family or even to sell in order to generate some income for themselves.

This 6.5 acre site allows small business owners who rely on food and medicinal plants in order to earn a living to affordably be able to do so. The farm provides non-traditional employment and mental health opportunities for community partners such as ICAN Housing.

ICAN Housing serves homeless persons with a history of mental illness and through their supported employment program, participants gain job readiness skills and receive financial education to prepare them to seek and ultimately, retain traditional employment.

Much like our initial pilot program from our Training Farm, this farm allows an opportunity to be exposed to real-world employment expectations and take advantage of the regenerative and therapeutic qualities that come with working by hand with soil.

We now understand how life-altering it is to allow people a way to discover their own self-worth and the farm is formatted to help those who are struggling with successful reentry into functioning society or dealing with the trauma of living with poverty. The produce grown on this site by StarkFresh makes its way onto our Mobile Grocery Market. Where we continue to keep produce grown using organic methods at lower than retail prices, making nutrient-dense food more affordable.

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