Food Incubation Center

Located right in the heart of the Warehouse District in Canton, Ohio is the Food Justice Campus. In addition to housing several other food businesses, a future grocery store, some indoor urban farms, shared office and kitchen space, and StarkFresh’s headquarters where the Food Incubation Center operates.

We believe that most people have the capacity to learn if given the chance and are allowed the dignity and the confidence to succeed.  The Food Entrepreneurial Business Program is an integral part of the businesses that emanate from the Food Justice Campus including:

-Fun Guy Farm

-Teensy-Weensy Plant Farm

-Suppertime Meals

-Canton Co-packing

-Worm Hill Farm

– Misfit Market Boxes

Creating opportunities for someone to go into business is not enough.  There needs to be a nurturing, comprehensive wrap-around approach to educating a potential business owner or employee in:

  • Financial business classes where one can learn budgeting, job costing and how to understand profit and loss accounting.
  • Personal finance help where budgeting and finance therapy is used to minimize expenses and maximize available money usage to start being able to save extra money for the future.
  • Food safety classes to keep customers safe
  • Branding and marketing help to be able to build their business brand

This work cannot be done alone and StarkFresh is actively looking for additional partners to help with these needs.


To learn more or if you are interested in help as a mentor, please CONTACT US.