Food Hub

Although StarkFresh has been operating as a Food Hub in different capacities over the years, we’ve been unable to fully call ourselves one until now.

According to the USDA, a Food hub is “a centrally located facility with a business management structure facilitating the aggregation, storage, processing, distribution, and/or marketing of locally/regionally produced food products.”

With our Food Justice Campus, we now better fit this definition.  Not only do we have a kitchen, food storage, community room, and office space, but properly acting as a food hub allows us to aggregate the food needs of our partners and fellow Food Justice Campus tenants. This also allows us to able to take the food grown at our urban farms and have it used by Campus partners or go out for sale on our Mobile Grocery Market.  This space has allowed us to expand and introduce concepts that create additional pathways out of poverty.

  • The Misfit Market Box features fresh produce at affordable prices, designed for workplace wellness initiatives.

The produce is customizable for each workplace’s need and is the same high quality produce that we sell on our Mobile Grocery Market and provide for other Food Justice Campus partners for their programs.  

The reason we call our workplace wellness boxes Misfits is because typically the produce we are offering is what is known in the food system world as a second.  We prefer the term, Misfit.  Being a second means absolutely nothing regarding the quality or taste of the produce, but instead highlights a larger problem we face with food waste in America where these “seconds” are usually discarded because they aren’t what is commercially seen as being “perfect”.  Seconds are the produce of home gardens, of our grandparents and ancestors, where the deciding factor in what you would eat was dictated by taste, rather than its appearance or ability to travel 1000’s of miles without getting damaged.  Many times, unless you already have knowledge that the food is a “second,” you would be unable to tell the difference.

The Misfit Market Boxes is designed as a stand-alone workplace wellness business.  Created by StarkFresh, this food entrepreneurial business opportunity is a turn-key operation designed to eliminate all barriers to getting started in the food agriculture business.

The concept is simple.  Have the desire to earn a generous income by working hard and learning a business and you will be given all the training opportunities, resources, contacts and even an office in which to conduct and grow your business.

Tied together with our Food Entrepreneurial Business Program, our Misfit Market Box program is a real-world pathway out of poverty for someone who is looking to change their life and work hard.  Utilizing StarkFresh’s established workplace relationships and wholesale food contacts to purchase the food from creates a good baseline that can be expanded upon.

Using the Food hub to sort, package, store and then distribute the boxes from, as well as an office space to do business is another key component to this program.

The goal is to eventually turn over ownership to the individual being trained in this business through a process similar to a “rent-to-own,” but without all the exorbitant fees that are typically associated with such programs.  This process allows an individual, who is underemployed, unemployed or “unemployable” to start accumulating personal wealth.

To learn more about the Misfit Market Boxes or to inquire about having a workplace wellness program for your place of employment, please CONTACT US.

• Another group utilizing the Food Hub are a few Food truck businesses.  Being able to act as a commissary and aggregation for the food being used allows the businesses to spend less time on procurement and more time actually generating profits.

To learn more about how your food business can use the Food Hub to help you become more efficient CONTACT US.

• Through our Food Hub we also are more easily able to take the food grown at the farm sites and better turn them around into Wholesale produce sales for institutional and restaurant customers.

If you are interested in wholesale purchasing of locally-grown and sourced produce through the Food Hub CONTACT US.