Fun Guy Farm

One of the many pathways born from the Food Justice Campus,  Fun Guy Farm is a stand-alone, small-scale culinary mushroom farm.  Created by StarkFresh, this food entrepreneurial business opportunity is a turn-key operation designed to eliminate all barriers to getting started in the food agriculture business, specifically mushrooms..

The concept is simple.  Have the desire to earn a generous income by working hard and learning a business and you will be given all the training opportunities, resources, contacts and even an office in which to conduct and grow your business.

Tied together with our Food Entrepreneurial Business Program, Fun Guy Farm is a real-world pathway out of poverty for someone who is looking to change their life and work hard.  Utilizing StarkFresh’s established retail and wholesale food contacts to sell the mushrooms creates a good baseline customer base that can be expanded upon.

Using space at the Food Justice Campus to grow, package and store the mushrooms, as well as an office space to do business is another key component to this program.

The goal is to eventually turn over ownership to the individual being trained in this business through a process similar to a “rent-to-own”, but without all the exorbitant fees that are typically associated with such programs.  This process allows an individual, who is underemployed, unemployed or “unemployable” to start accumulating personal wealth.

To learn more about Fun Guy Farm or to inquire about being considered to join the farm, please CONTACT US.