Get Involved

There are always numerous ways that you can be involved with our mission and become a StarkFreshian.  

Prior to contacting us, we encourage people to take a minute and take a personal inventory of either what is it that you enjoy doing or what are you good at doing.  

We find more often than not that the things that are uncovered during this self-reflection are things that can help us!

Take a look at the links below and let us know when your desire matches up with one of our needs, we’ll be waiting!

Employment Opportunities

Grocery Store Afternoon/Evening Supervisor

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Job listing details

 Suppertime Meals Coordinator VISTA

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Food Incubation Center Coordinator VISTA

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Urban Farm Manager VISTA

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Mobile Grocery Market Coordinator VISTA

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Mobile Grocery Market help VISTA

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 Grocery Store Associate

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 Pickup/Delivery Driver

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Many times people are surprised to find the breadth of skill sets that are involved in doing this type of work.  Sometimes there is a misconception among the general public that non-profit groups like ours sit around all day with our feet up and nothing could be further from the truth.  

Our internship offer a truly immersive glimpse into the nonprofit world of poverty and hunger, where you may end up with a truly unique, sometimes life-altering positive experience.  

Are you interested in changing your life and the lives of others? See our current internship opportunities.


Being a nonprofit that strives to use all of our available on direct programming, we tend to be a bit thrifty and a big fan of donations.  We’re happy to supply you with a tax form so you can write off the donation on your taxes. Find out some of our needs here.


Find out ways you can volunteer to support the work that we do here


We love for you to stay in touch so you don’t miss out on any of the really cool things we are doing in Stark County.  All we need from you is a simple email address and a name. In return, we promise not to send you pictures of SPAM or send you ten hundred thousand email updates each week. Subscribe here.


Between all of the partnerships and locations that we manage, there tends to be a good number of things going on at any given time, any time of the year.  In order for you not to miss out on all these super amazing things, we encourage you to check out our simple calendar where we keep track of them all.