Mobile Grocery Market

Our Mobile Grocery Market, which we sometimes call our “Veggie Mobile” is our answer to bringing a variety of produce and fresh foods to individuals with mobility challenges throughout our community.

Since 2014 we’ve been able to deliver 367,448 individual servings of food to those who need it most.

6724 individual customers have visited one of our 75 stops since 2014 and purchased 65,547 pounds of food.

The Veggie Mobile travels throughout the county and delivers produce and groceries to senior housing complexes, public housing authority properties, public services centers, permanent supportive housing as well as places that are considered food apartheids.

We not only bring excellent quality, affordable food, we also accept all payment types, cash, credit, debit, WIC, Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Vouchers as well as SNAP/EBT (formerly known as food stamps).

We also add a $20 match for anyone who uses their SNAP card and spends $20, effectively doubling their money and allowing them to purchase more food.

Keeping prices low without sacrificing quality and being able to supply nutrient- dense food options are an integral part of the Market. With an average sale of $6.03 per customer, we’ve proven that this is very much a reality.

When in-season, much of the produce that is sourced for the Market is sourced directly from our own urban farms and other local farmers, including the ones working at some of those farms, creating another pathway through a self-contained, closed-loop wealth-generation cycle.

By helping people stretch their limited available food dollars to feed their family by keeping food affordable, we are freeing up extra cash to be used towards other life costs, such as utility bills, clothing, healthcare to name a few.

In addition to creating meaningful employment opportunities, the Market collaborates with area partners where Produce Prescriptions or other incentive coupons are given to those who have completed a cooking nutrition course, creating a direct correlation between healthier eating habits and increased health outcomes.

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Contact us for more information on volunteering on the Market or to be considered for a future stop.