Current Projects

Mobile Grocery Market

Our Mobile Grocery Market, otherwise known as the “Veggie Mobile” is our answer to bringing a variety of produce and fresh foods to individuals with mobility challenges throughout our community.

Urban Farming Sites

Nothing tastes better than homegrown produce. Our farm sites serve as a visual, hands-on ways for residents to learn how to start seeds, grow produce and gain valuable, transferable job skills.


Understanding that providing food access and teaching people how to grow food are only two parts of solving the food insecurity solution, we collect gently-used cookware, cooking utensils, plates, etc that can be redistributed to those who are without. These distributions coincide with community-based cooking education, ranging from how to perform basic food preparation to preparing quick, easy, nutritious meals.

Seed Library

Distribution of vegetable seed packets at no cost to the public allows the initial hurdle of growing one’s own produce to be overcome. In collaboration with local Libraries, health departments, and other non-profit agencies, seeds are distributed at no cost to people and groups who need them.