Urban Farming Sites

Urban Teaching Farm

From assisting and observing the growers in our backyard growing program, we realized that there was an incessant need for gardening education. In 2014, we broke ground on the site of an old housing plot in Canton, OH where we could address this need. 

The Urban Teaching Farm, located at 2218 Winfield Way NE, provides a venue where all types of urban gardening and farming practices are represented and being practiced.

In addition to having the gardening elements, the farm boasts an aquaponics setup, chickens, quail and honey bees. 

This setting allows for hands-on learning for all ages and provides a platform for partnering groups to teach proper gardening, eating, cooking, preservation and farming, and related techniques to the general public at no cost to them. 

Volunteers on the farm can take advantage of fresh produce as payment for their service and the bulk of food grown is used in supplying the “Veggie Mobile” Mobile Market.

Food Production & Job Skills Training Farm

After the installation of our Urban Teaching Farm, and the success of the Veggie Mobile, we knew that there was still a piece missing from our operations. In 2015-2016 we took over an under-utilized urban city park, in a “forgotten” part of the city and built out a Food Production and Job Skills Training Farm site, located at 613 Rowland Ave NE in Canton, OH.

This park space has been transformed into a vibrant, community space where food is grown on a commercial production scale. This farm serves a “hub” where community gardens from throughout the county can have seedlings grown and growing materials and supplies are distributed.



The farm site serves as a training facility to teach basic job skills as well as teach people how to start from seed, plant, and nurture and harvest produce that is sold on the Veggie Mobile or distributed to nearby neighbors.



Pick Your Own


In 2017 we added a pick-your-own option for people wanting to come visit our urban farm and really connect with the produce that they are purchasing. The pick-your- own option is available at scheduled times and open by appointment. Contact us for more information.

Plant Starting/Hardening

We are happy to provide you use of the space in our hoop houses, free of charge, to get seedlings started for your community gardening project.