Seed Library

Since 2015, StarkFresh has distributed 257,555 seed packets at no charge to the community.

Distribution of vegetable seed packets at no cost to the public allows the initial hurdle of growing one’s own produce to be overcome.

With an average retail cost per packet of $2.82, we have successfully given out $726,305.10 worth of seeds to people who otherwise would not have chosen to spend their money purchasing vegetable seeds.

Seed packets are sourced with the help our a partnership with Canton Public Health.

In collaboration with local Libraries, health departments, and other non-profit agencies, seeds are distributed at no cost to people and groups who need them.

In addition to providing the seeds, many distribution sites also offer education classes and workshops.

This combined two-pronged approach creates a pathway for community members to have the seeds needed to grow their own produce at home and combines that access with the education needed to make sure their plants successfully grow and produce food for their household.

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