Suppertime Meals

Suppertime Meals is a new program being developed with StarkFresh and other community partners in the Food Justice Campus. The idea came from customer feedback on the Mobile Grocery Market through the years, from people who lamented the fact that they had limited refrigeration space, the knowledge needed to cook meals from scratch and many times only have access to a microwave to cook food at home.

Looking into this a bit more, we realized that the types of meals that were available for purchase from local or national companies did not focus on the nutrient-density of the food and the people who have tried those meals have noted how poorly they taste.

Suppertime Meals are culturally-appropriate, nutrient-dense refrigerated meals that are made using high quality, fresh ingredients that are also affordable. Meals will be available for purchase from local Grocery retailers including the StarkFresh Mobile Grocery Market. Meals will also be available for Adult and DD workshop participants and other institutionalized outlets.

This project is still in the development stage but its impact is already beyond what we initially could have imagined.  When complete, Suppertime Meals will be completely closed-loop, sustainable and more importantly, replicable to other communities and agencies.

Suppertime Meals create pathways out of poverty through:

  • Allowing employment opportunities for individuals who might otherwise have a harder time procuring employment including those from the Developmentally Disabled population and individuals with previous criminal records or other life-altering re-entry barriers.
  • Being a healthy alternative to existing “meal” programs, focusing on nutrient-density which leads to improved diet and health.
  • Increasing consumption of nutrient-dense, and DELICIOUS food.

If you are interested in finding out more about Suppertime Meals, including how you can purchase them for yourself, please CONTACT US.