Teaching Farm

From assisting and observing the growers in our backyard growing program, we realized that there was an incessant need for gardening education throughout the community.

In 2014, we broke ground on the site of an old housing plot in Canton, OH where we could address this need.   With 100% volunteer input, the farm was built out in 2015 and received a much-needed reconfiguration and general site revamp through 2018 and into 2019.

The Urban Teaching Farm, located at 2218 Winfield Way NE, provides a venue where all types of urban gardening and farming practices are represented and being practiced.

The smaller, more intimate setting of this farm setting allows for hands-on learning for all ages and provides a platform for partnering groups to teach proper gardening, eating, cooking, preservation and farming, and related techniques to the general public in a small space that isn’t too overwhelming. 

The farm is designed to allow people to see for themselves how feasible it is for them to be able to grow their own food through workshops, classes and field trips.

Because of the accessibility of this site, we host many field trips at this farm throughout the year, especially for children where we teach where food comes from and the importance of growing their own food at home. 

For many who visit, this is the first time they have seen produce in a non-processed form.

Much of the larger farm chores are completed during work days where individuals, businesses and other groups volunteer their time to assist with some of the larger projects needing to be completed on the farm such as planting, spring, and fall cleanups and of course, weeding!

Every day volunteers on the farm can take advantage of fresh produce as payment for their service and the bulk of food grown is used in supplying our Mobile Grocery Market.

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