Here at StarkFresh we are in constant search of groups or individuals that would like to lend their hand or expertise in helping us succeed in our mission.  At times we have openings for certain types of help that we are seeking, and we post them below.

If you do not see a link to an available volunteer opportunity, that does not necessarily mean there isn’t one and we encourage you to CONTACT US with your proposal.

Open Job Positions

Grocery Store Shift Manager

Application link

Job listing details


Grocery Store Associate

Application link

Job listing details


Pickup/Delivery Driver

Application link

Job listing details

Board of Directors

We are looking for passionate individuals to serve on our board that are not only well-connected to the community that we serve, but are willing to parlay that passion into helping StarkFresh’s mission. 

Help guide StarkFresh by joining our BOARD

Farm Workers

Running three urban farms takes a great load of manpower!

Coordinating, planting, weeding, watering, building, groundhog trapping, painting, irrigation design, mowing, tilling… the list is nearly endless!

Mobile Grocery Market

Running a Grocery Store on wheels is just as difficult as operating a brick-and-mortar store, except it moves!  In all seriousness though, There are many components of this program that we can always use some help with.  Purchasing, Grocery pickups, Inventory, cleaning, produce picking, quality control, sorting, pricing, retail sales, truck driving, food bagging, survey-taking, post-market data input are all things that we can always use a hand with.

Event Help

Several times throughout the year we have a need for help with an event that we are hosting or with an event that we are attending.  From setup to tear down or just manning a station and handing our flyers.  When in need, these volunteer opportunities are listed here


Kitchen Help

Having a Commercial Kitchen space is great but it has its own volunteering needs.  Several times per month there is a need in the kitchen for some cooking and baking assistance.  Other times there are opportunities to help with the hosting of a cooking class or hands-on workshop.

Office Help

Being a small nonprofit with loads of programming, there tends to be a decent amount of time spent in the office when we could otherwise be doing other things.  We are always in need of office help during the weekday to assist with data entry, research, phone calls, emails, grant-writing, organizing, cleaning assistance to name a few.


Is your special talent the ability to paint murals?  At our Food Justice Campus we have several exterior and interior walls that could benefit from your skill and expertise.  From large 80′ x 26′ exterior walls to smaller 7′ x 6′ spaces, we’d love to talk with you about your vision and see if you can help us add some vibrancy to our space.