Being a nonprofit that strives to use all of our available on direct programming, we tend to be a bit thrifty and a big fan of donations.  We’re happy to supply you with a tax form so you can write off the donation on your taxes.

Each donation allows us to spend more time with our programming and less time trying to chase money to pay for things.  Your donation makes an incredible impact on the Stark County, Ohio community.  

We are grateful for your support!

Single Donation

Although we like to think that enough goodwill will eventually make the world go ‘round, The raw truth is that in order to keep helping the community, money is still necessary.

We appreciate every dollar that you can share with us.

Each donation is wisely used to further our community programs.  Every little bit you can give helps us spend more time helping others.

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    Monthly Support

    One of the most generous things you can do is show that you want to tackle the causes of hunger is by making a monthly donation to a program of your choosing. 100% of the funds given will be used to support our programming.  Only have $10 per month to spare? We welcome it! If each supporter gave at least $10 per month, we wouldn’t have any budget issues to worry about and be able to focus 100% on impactful programming!

    (Of course, if you can afford more we would appreciate that too!)

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    AmazonSmile is another way you can support StarkFresh while doing your online cyber-shopping, at no cost to you. Just go to, sign in by simply using your existing Amazon credentials, and select StarkFresh as the organization you’re supporting and start shopping! A small portion of every purchase goes to support the mission of StarkFresh.

    AmazonSmile is operated by Amazon and lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on

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    Amazon Wishlist

    Did you know we have an Amazon Wishlist?

    You can help support StarkFresh by purchasing items from our Amazon wishlist! We update it every month with our most needed items.  Just go to StarkFresh Amazon Wishlist.  You can ship items right to us.

    Gently Used Items

    Many times people don’t have the means to help out with a monetary donation and cannot physically assist by volunteering but they still want to help in some manner.  We accept many, many different types of items as donations. You’d be surprised at what we can use! We’re happy to supply you with a tax form so you can write off the donation on your taxes.  We’ve listed some of the more commonly donated items but if you are unsure if we could use something, ask us!

    • Desktop computers
    • Monitors
    • Laptops
    • Extension cords
    • Chicken feed
    • Straw bedding
    • Bleach
    • Reams of copy paper
    • Screws
    • Rain barrels
    • Wood boards
    • Wood posts
    • Tarps
    • Paintbrushes
    • Electric microscope
    • Weedblocking fabric
    • Groundhog traps
    • Sinks
    • Trail cameras
    • Security cameras
    • Paint
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Commercial kitchen appliances
    • Commercial kitchen cookware
    • Latex gloves
    • Paper towels
    • Light bulbs
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Vegetable plants
    • Vegetable trees
    • Electrical supplies
    • Plumbing supplies
    • Apartment furniture
    • Office furniture
    • Office supplies
    • Plastic sheeting
    • Rubber sheeting
    • Chest Freezers
    • Refrigerators
    • Air conditioners
    • Thermostats
    • Thermometers
    • New and used carpeting

      We are always looking for gently-used pots, pans, cookware, silverware, knives, bakeware, and small kitchen appliances so we can clean, organize and then redistribute them back out to the community through various programs that we partner with.

      We encourage you to donate your unused or recently replaced items to this worthwhile effort. Contact us here.

      Garden Tools

      We also collect gently used gardening tools, supplies and small motorized equipment that our volunteers can use on our farm sites to help grow fresh, nutrient-dense and healthy food for our community.  Excess tools are put into our free community garden tool lending library. Here are some examples of items commonly donated, although pretty much everything is welcomed as a donation. Contact us here.

      • Power tools
      • Gardening tools
      • Landscaping tools
      • Mowers
      • Gas Cans
      • Shovels
      • Rakes
      • Wheelbarrows
      • Hoses
      • Cordless saw
      • Cordless drill
      • Ladders
      • Used seedling trays and flats
      • Hand tools
      Vehicles and Heavy Machinery

      As we’ve grown as an organization, so has our need for more equipment to be able to more effectively do our programming.  It’s not often that people have large vehicles or machinery available for donation, but when they do, we are more than happy to accept them.  Some of our current needs in order to transport food and work on the farm sites are below. We welcome the usage of farm equipment for short periods of time too!  Just let us know what you’re thinking and we’d love to work something out! Contact us here.

      • Pickup truck
      • Box truck
      • Trailer
      • Small passenger bus
      • Tires for trucks
      • Tractor
      • Bobcat
      • Mini excavator
      • Riding mower
      • Gas-powered post hole digger
      • Electric or gas forklift

      Is there something that you have that you would like to donate but you’re unsure if we would accept it?  Do you have a creative fundraising idea that you’d like to help us with? Here’s where you can put down your out-of-the-box idea so we can work on it together.  We love creative solutions! Contact us here.